Why would you go to the extra expense of adding an electrical Meter into an electric vehicle charging stage? And if you did, why make it a wise meter? The most important reason installers from the HONG KONG and around the globe are doing this is so they understand how frequently the charge point has been used, and how much energy has been billed into the automobile! This can be both useful and interesting data to get. It may indicate that extra charge points will need to be installed if one is being used continuously. Or it might indicate that it is not in the ideal place if it is barely ever used.

ev charging hong kongThere Is a secondary reason for using a intelligent meter at the ev charging hong kong, this is to fulfill the terms of this Office for Low Emission vehicles grant strategy. To qualify for the grant to set up the charge point, OLEV has to know when and how much the fee point has been used. For the reasons mentioned above. However OLEV needs this information in a particular format, or the grant would not be paid into the installer. Specifically, it requires that charging events are recorded in a file together with the start time, end time and total kwh at the charge.

By With a GPRS smart meter, like the Emlite EMA1.az single phase meter, its currently very easy to find the information sent to OLEV with minimal government from the installer. Primarily the meter is set up like a normal single phase electric meter. The electric vehicle charging installation includes a network roaming SIM card for strong communications connection to the meter reading service provider. And a front-end portal provides the tools for creating the files for OLEV. All the installer then must do is download and send together with the appropriate charge point IDs.

How OLEV opt to utilize this data is anybody’s guess. The main thing to understand is that it has to be submitted every 3 weeks in the right format. However, with the right technologies, this is simple and economical to perform. Companies such as DEC Metrics Ltd have developed tools for this job. They offer free Tools that produce the OLEV reports, and can provide automated meter reading Services and meters easily. The Open metrics web portal offers a user friendly Way for regaining daily meter readings with profile information which may be used for the reports.