The basic feature of the system with – anonymity

To improve the anonymity of both sides of the transaction, you can mix you coins with the service. This makes the tracking totally not possible, so saves you from hackers a lot. When you use such a service, then the transaction leaves thousands of tracks which it is not possible to follow.

How does the mining work?

 crypto currency

The essence of bitcoin production is to solve a certain complex crypto problem. The usual computer will be not enough for this job. Typically, the crypto-currency miners use super-productive computers or powerful servers used to solve complex mathematical puzzles. Currently, the winner is awarded 25 bitcoins. It is determined once every 10 minutes. Since the bitcoin network is growing at an unprecedented pace, mining has become a technologically complex process.

Alternative ways of obtaining cryptocurrency of bitcoins

Since the mining is really difficult, almost impossible for many users, there are other ways:

  • Purchase of crypto-currency of bitcoins on the exchange. You will need to pass authorization by sending the scan of documents. You can buy different kinds of cryptocurrency. Thanks to the analysis of the course, this option is suitable for those who want to invest in a profitable business
  • Exchange bitcoins between private individuals
  • Exchange in an exchange office, which operates on the same principle as regular exchangers. Several times a day there is a synchronization of the course.

Cryptocurrency bitcoin has the following important functions: the means of exchange; a means of saving and the unit of account. The basic feature is the anonymity of all users. To improve it, you can mix you coins with the service.